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Paypal/ donation questions


v     Do I need a Paypal account for sending you my donation ?

v     Whatís the minimum donation ammount for your scenery ?

v          I get an error when I clic on the PayPal donation logo. Why ?

v     What means ″Premium user″ ?

v     Can I get a refund for my donation to your team ?


Generic questions


v     Do you have released updates/fixses for your ″xx″ scenery ?

v     About website copyrights (images, icons, Ö.)

v     My question is not in this list




Q: Do you have realeased some updates for one of your sceneries ? What the current version ?


A:Updates and/or fix packages for our sceneries are placed and show only on the download page of every single scenery. If you donít find anything there,it means we donít have released any update for this project. Check here for upgrades about Marsa Alam, Mombasa, Santorini , Trapani or Bari.



Q: I need a Paypal account for making the donation to our project for the full scenery version ?


A: Absolutely no ! You donít need a Paypal account for making donations, itís a common wrong idea. You just need a simple credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Postepay or so onÖ), you donít need to have or create any Paypal account.

Is enough to put the requested credit card info in the Paypal page (follow the direct link from our scenery handbook) and all work. We donít take you credit card details, all is handled by Paypal trough his hi-end secure system.



Q: What means ″Premium User″ ? Whatís the minumum donation ammount ?


A: We very like the development work on our sceneries and add-on for FS. However this will require a lot of time, energy and dedication that we take away from our family and our friends. Therefore we are very grateful to those who want to support and encourage our work with a small donation.

For this reason, if you want to send us your own contribution (see below), you will become a supporter user (Premium User) and you're entitled to:


*     receive e-mail assistance for problems with our sceneries


*     receive any eventually updates of our sceneries directly in your mail box


*      receive any eventually future content reserved only for you and for our other supporters


The minimum donation ammount changes according to the scenery you need and it is the follow:


Marsa Alam HEMA

at least 14,00 Ä (but every higher donation will be much appreciated)


Mombasa HKMO

at least 12,00 Ä (but every higher donation will be much appreciated)


Trapani LICT


at least 11,00 Ä (but every higher donation will be much appreciated)


Santorini LGSR

at least 6,00 Ä (but every higher donation will be much appreciated) Ė PROMOTIONAL ″PRICE″


(Go to the Marsa Alam, Santorini, Trapani or Mombasa scenery)




Q: When I clic on the PayPal donation logo, I get an error instead of the Albysim donation page. Why ?


A: Occasionally PayPal change the page names on his server so sometimes old direct donation links (like the one writed in the Santorini 2012 handbook) may not working. The updated and current link for donations to the Albysim team can be found here below:


Q: Can I get a refund for my donation if Iím not happy with your scenery ?


A: Every Albysim scenery can be tested (trough the free/demo version) before the upgrade to "donate" version. If you are satisfied with the demo version, youíll find the same features in the full/donate version and theoretically you should not need to ask for a refund.

Anyway in some cases you can get a refund, but only for valid reasons.If you believe that you are entitled to get back the ammount of your donation, we are happy to listen to your motivations and find a solution together.



Q: In your website I found an item (image, icon, text) that is copyrighted. How can you fix this ?

A: During the development of this website we have taken great care to not infringe copyrights. We used mostly our private images and some other "royalties free" elements found online. But if we had missed some copyrightable subject matter, write us an email and we will remove it immediately.



Q: In the questions above I could not find the answer to my problem. How can I do?


A: You can still do a search on the ″contact and support″ page.