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Hi, I’m Alby, nice to meet you.


I’m the designer and coordinator of our developers team.


I’m 40 year old, i live in Italy and have a normal” full time job in a small industry (where is unfortunately nothing to do with aviation).


Due to my job, i don’t have a lot of free time but I’m happy to spend this few hours for developing new sceneries and to assist the Albysim users. Therefore i can fly as “pilot in command” on Flight Simulator only a few hours every week, but I enjoy it too.



When i use Flight Simulator, my favorites aircrafts are long range Boeing aircrafts and regional liners (ERJ family). Sometimes I like to do some sightseeing flights with single engine planes (Piper or Cessna 172).


I'm not lucky enough to have a real simcockpit at home, but I'm not complaining and I have fun with this wonderful hobby.



My first time with Flight Simulator was in the 90s, with the legendary FS98 (received as a gift for my birthday). I fell in love right away the chance to see the world from the sky; this idea left me no more.


From that moment i wanted to enjoy and improve my fly experience. I guess it was something like that for you too, right ?











Besides Flight Simulation, i very like sport.

During the summer, once a week, i go swimming or do outdoors walks (with friends, my wife and our adoptive dog Baloo).

During the winter instead i like sledging on the snow and attending a gym. I like having fun with other people.


I also like to travel (some years ago i started the "tour of the European capitals" and once a year i try to add one new city, hoping to get to see all 43 capitals soon as possible!)


Needless to say my favorite part of any holiday are the flights and the hours spent in the airports :-)



That’s me

And what about you ?


Tell us who you are on our Facebook page, we would be happy to meet you there !