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The Albysim project is quite interesting because each scenery is designed only from Alby but thanks to the invaluable help of some talented friends.


Each one offers its cooperation:


*      looking for helpful photos and researching useful material

*      preparing rough versions of the textures

*      doing some minor task on the scenery

*      beta testing and giving suggestions

*      preparing the webpages and the demo-video for the scenery



Said in a sentence, we are some people united by the desire to make good quality products for the FS community in the world.


We daily try to develop some FS add-on wich can resolve your troubles on the sim or enhance your flight experience.



Our team is composed of enthusiasts virtual friends who live in different parts of Italy. We work on FS design only in our free time because everyone of us has a normal full time job that has nothing to do with FS.


We are able to develop a project togheter thank to a common working philosophy and some wonderful internet tools (Skype, free file hosting services and e-mails) which help us to keep in touch to each other and to exchange stuffs.