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As saied in the meet Alby section, my first time with Flight Simulator was with the legendary FS98.


In the next years I continued to fly but I also began to look inside the folders of FS and i tryed some sim improvements (i confess you that more than once I get some troubles and having to reinstall the entire sim; it was not funny but I didn’t renounce and started again).


With the advent of internet I could share my experiments with other sim enthusiasts around the world. With some of them came the idea to do something useful for the world sim-community and to creating a scenery together.


It was 2011 and the free Bari LIBD scenery was released. The adventure was started and our first step as “Albysim Team” in the FS scenery design world was done !


We liked our scenery but, seeing the masterpieces made by the big scenery design companies, we realized that we still had a lot to learn. Therefore for a whole year we devoted ourselves only for training and study, attending the forum and learning a lot from the wonderful people and leading FS9 experts which we met especially on FSDeveloper.com



After that year we resume the design with a lot of new knowlegend which we use to develop and release our Santorini LGSR and, a few years later, the Mombasa HKMO sceneries.


With this sceneries we got a lot of positive feedbacks by worldwide FS9 users, some good reviews and over 8.000 downloads: this was really beautiful and morally rewarding !



Now, with the actual team and a proven working philosophy, we are ready for new projects and new challenges.