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v          I get an error when I clic on the PayPal donation logo. Why ?

v     I see only some part of the buildings or scenery parts

v     During taxi, FS9 show a collision error message

v     Some autogen (buildings or trees) appare on the taxiway

v     On the runway appears the grassy background

v     I want to remove the fictional ILS on runway 25

v     The scenery work on FSX ?

v     An FSX version of the scenery is previewed ?

v     Do you have released updates / fixes for the Bari scenery ?

v     What kind of performance can I espect on Bari ?

v     Can the jetways of the terminal be moved ?

v     Is AES support planned for the Bari scenery ?

v     Other question  (not on this list)



Q: I do not see the buildings or only some part of the scenery


A: We council to read carefully the handbook; are shure to extract all the zip files inside the directories (zip files are into other zipfile !!) and to control the order of the layers in the scenery library like clearly indicated on the handbook you’ll find inside the scenery package. Often this is enough to resolve this problem.



Q: When I approach the finger or taxy into the park positions, FS2004 show a collision error message.


A: We know this bug given from the gate marking lines (and at the time we try to resolve it). At this time we ask you to uncheck the flag of the “Detect crash” function unter the FS2004 options. In this way the problem is resolved.



Q: On the cross between taxiway G and runway 07 appear some autogen trees on the taxyway


A: It happens in some PC, depending from the landclass you use. The user Tex1763 has released a fix file (Exclude Fix) for the problem. You can download it here



Q: At some points on the runway the grassy background appears over the runway concrete.


A: It happens in some PC, depending if the user have been installed a high accurately mesh package (like FSGlobal). The user Tex1763 has released a fix file (Exclude Fix) for this problem. You can download it here



Q: I prefer to have a more real nav aids situation without the fictional ILS on the runway 25


A: It can be made! The friend Andrea Mr.Crocodile has build an alternative AFCAD (Afcad Fix) that make just this: download it from here



Q: This scenery work on FSX too ?


A: Not exactly, because some rare element of the scenery are displayed on FSX but the scene absolutely does not come reproduced correctly, so definetly we say “No, the scenery don’t work on FSX”



Q: You think, in the future, you will convert this scenery for FSX too ?


A: At this time we only design and develop for FS2004. If in the future, we decided to develop and/or redesign this scenery for FSX too, be sure we will announce this news on this site and on the other contact channels (Facebook, Youtube,…).



Q: Do you have realeased an update for the Bari scenery ? What the current version ?


A: Updates and/or fix packages for the Bari scenery are placed and show only on the download page of the Bari airport. So, if you don’t find anything there,  it means we don’t have released any update for this project.



Q: What kind of performance can I expect when running the Bari scenery ?


A: The scenery performances change on every computer and depend on your system. We have tried to maintain the best frame rate as possible but if the performance on your pc is low, take a look at the PDF handbook: you'll find there some tips on how to increase performance. Always keep in mind that AI traffic can have a significant impact on overall performance.



Q: Can the jetways of the terminal be moved ?


A: No, jetways are fixed and set to fit the door height of a medium-sized aircraft.



Q: Is AES planned for the Bari scenery ?


A: No, because due this version of the scenery is not currently possible to implement it.



Q: In the questions above I could not find the answer to my problem. How can I do?


A: You can still do a search on the “contact and support” page