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Do you like a dinner in a

 typical tavern with

tarantella music

in the background ?


And the next day what about

a short trip in your plane from Italy to Greece or Malta ?



Or a low pass over the famous “Trullihouses ?


All this is now possible with

 our “Bari LIBD” scenery !


Welcome to Bari,

the pearl of the south !



The city of Bari is located in the south-east of Italy in the region called “Puglia”.


The Bari Palese airport is the main airport and gatewat to this italian region.




Live the airport as a real pilot…




Our scenery will allow you to

operate on the

Bari “Palese Macchie” airport



All airport buildings

was correctly reproduced

 after checking

hundred of pictures

taken at the real airport




Watch all screenshot in full size >>>




Move trough the

 many objects, vehicles

 and animations

located around you


You can

recognize the airport

as if

 you were there for real !


 Try our free Bari scenery now










Feel our passion and love for details




We know the

importance of details:

 that’s why

the objects are hand-drawn,

a lot of scenery parts

 are animated and

the buildings good detailed.


Watch all screenshot in full size >>>




Despite this the frame rate remain still high.


Amazing night textures with photorealreal night interiors appear after sunset

on every building.


Download the Bari scenery now !

Is 100% free !









Jump on board for a live “scenery tour”




Do you want more live impressions from our scenery ? Enjoy !





Do you like the scenery ?

Download your free copy now .




















The flightsim community talk about our scenery





Several popular flight simulation websites have reported about our scenery.


Here are only a few… - ITALY - GERMANY - FRANCE - GERMAN - JAPAN


Try it yourself !

 Download our Bari scenery

for free.






Our scenery was also reviewed by




 “The scenery

 beats my expectation

I have on a freeware scenery by far.

The Alby Sim Bari scenery

 is designed with

much attention to detail

and performance

and is one of

the best freeware sceneries

 I ever have seen”










Become one of the many users who already enjoy our scenery !



About 13.000 simmers around the world have already downloaded it.






Over 6.623 on Avsim !



Over 4.849 on Flightsim !



Over 1.557 on Simviation !




Do the same and download our Bari scenery for free.



Do the same and download our Bari scenery for free.



Do the same and download our Bari scenery for free.