Mombasa HKMO – AES vehicles repaints


Here you find the repaints for the Aerosoft “AES ground vehicles set” for our scenery





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Our scenery is supported by Aerosoft AES !



*     Are you bored to land in an airport and to find only static ground service vehicles ? There isn’t life around you ?


*       Forget this frustration ! With the wonderful Aerosoft AES support and our vehicles repaints you can solve this problems



Custom color scheme


The default AES vehicles textures doesn’t fit well with our custom ground fleet vehicles.


With our new color scheme the AES vehicles match now very nicely with the Albysim vehicles and seems to really be part of the sceney.








Final result












The repainted AES vehicles set include:


·         1 follow me car (Mercedes Vito)

·         2 stairs (with different livery)

·         1 belt loader

·         1 container loader

·         3 catering trucks

·         1 water service/toilet truck (Nissan)

·         1 cleaning vehicle (Mercedes Sprinter)

·         1 fuel truck (long tank truck)

·         1 fuel pump (short truck)

·         1 bus Neoplan (future AES feature)

·         2 traditional busses (normal and double)

·         5 pushback vehicles


40 new textures was painted for you !





Repaint availability






This patch is free available for all user and can be found here


But if you make a donation of at least € 12,00 to our team (every higher donation will be much appreciated), you will become an Albysim Premium User


As Premium User you are entitled to receive in your mailbox:


*     the full version of the Mombasa HKMO scenery v. 1.00

    without any limitation

*     this AES repaint set with all features showed above

*     every future updates or contnent about this scenery








We firmly believe that

before spending money

everyone has the right

to try a scenery and

make its assessments.

So we invite you to

 try the Mombasa demo version

 without spending anything.


Only if you are satisfied,

request the full version and get it with a small donation to our project.



“No Risk” warranty






Trying is free ! Do it now !

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