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The times of “default Santorini scenery” are gone !



*     You’re sick (like us) to fly over a unreal and dreary landscape ?

*         You’re bored to see everytime the sad LGSR default scenery ?


*     Forget this frustration !

*     Our Santorini package is the solution and solve this problems



Two scenery parts

The scenery package (for FS2004 user) contain two main parts:








1)   the Santorini LGSR Airport


 The airport buldings and a lot of objects on the apron and in the surrounding are there.


* You can take-off and land on the airport and feel as if you were there for real.




2)   the Santorini island scenery


Landmarks, redesigned island (coastlines, roads,…) and main towns are ready for you


 This let you to explore the island and enjoy the culture and traditions of Greece.




There's everything you need

to live your new

flight experience in Greece !


Try our demo version, it’s free.





Highlights and features






Every scenery part is designed with photoreal textures and placed as seen on the satellite images


*     This gives you

the certainty of an

 exact island reproduction

Hundred of detailed self made objects and vehicles

are placed in the scenery



*     They give you

 the feeling of

being really at the airport

Some ferries with real

greek livery change position

every few days.



*     They let

partecipate you to the island marine life






Animated landmarks, scenery parts and animated vehicles

 bring everithing to life.


*     All this let you

feel the daily life

pulsing around you

Extreme autogen density

 and custom designed photoreal house textures


*     They let

live you the

 warm greek atmosphere

Custom made landclass file wich completely redesign the whole island coastlines


*     This will

show you the island

 like you're really there










Different kind of landmarks (churches, factories,windmills and more) are placed all around on the island


*     They will

allow you to live the

 greek art and culture

Amazing night textures with photorealreal night interiors appear on buildings

 and landmarks


*     After sunset

 you can feel

the pulsing island nightlife

English handbook

and set-up procedures

are explained step-by-step


*     This let you to

save time and

“be in Greece” already

within a few minutes









Try our Santorini free/demo version. Why not ? It’s free !











Free and full version with “No Risk” warranty





This scenery is realeased in two different versions:









The free/demo version

(wich you can download from this webpage)





*     the full landclass, towns, coastlines, roads, various enanchement


*     autogen for 2 towns


*     some landmarks


*     the entire marine traffic


*     the full airport scenery working for 6 minutes every hour.













It’s free,

why do you not try it?

Download your trial copy now


(More as 7.000 downloads until 1/10/2015)

The full/donate version

reserved for each



*     the full features

of the free version

    without any limitation.


*    full autogen for 11 towns


*    all island landmarks


*    extendet marine traffic


*    full airport scenery 

    without limitations


*    much more buildings


*    much more objects


*    WOAI customized traffic


*    future scenery updates

    directly in your mailbox


*    e-mail assistance & support



First download and install please the free version,

 Then you can

upgrade to the full version


Albysim provide to send the full version to every user wich make a small donation to our project (Premium User)


Check the FAQ and the scenery handbook for more info.






“No Risk” warranty



We firmly believe that

before spending money

everyone has the right

to try a scenery and

make its assessments.

So we invite you to

 try the demo version

 without spending anything.


Only if you are satisfied,

request the full version and get it with a small donation to our project.













With your small donation you will become an

Albsyim Premium User

and in the future you will have access to different content reserved only for those who support our team.